Key Benefits

• LIVE has full patient information on one screen and through its extensive data mining facility can provide complete information on all aspects of the patient including all treatment administered since first being admitted to that hospital. All healthcare professionals can, subject to security, have access to this complete history which is continuously updated in real time.

•The LIVE database records and maintains every piece of data entered into hospital systems. This gives management (Trust/DOH/HPA) the opportunity to use this database for reporting on anything required.

• The LIVE database can be used to provide intelligence for solution based studies not only in infection control but throughout the hospital. Probably the only place where data in one primary system can be compared automatically with data in another primary system.

Examples suggested are:-

1. Using ‘real time’ functions to fight the yearly norovirus epidemic

2. Providing information to prevent or reduce duplicate prescribing

3. Report upon contacts made between staff/patients and infected patients would have saved hours of time in recent measles epidemic.

Our experience is that the database is used more and more as senior managers become aware of the existence and easy retrieval of information in the LIVE database.