EpiQuestLive Inc was formed in 2008 to bring together the new LIVE infection control system and the business of EpiQuest LLC

The company now provides medical software that spans many areas from full Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems to specialised niche bespoke solutions.

With offices in the USA, UK and Northern Ireland and expansion plans for other areas of the world ongoing the company is set for continued growth.

The new cloud based offering is perfect for the smaller private hospital market as well as care homes and smaller clinics.

Flexible pricing models mean that there is a solution for every environment.

Customer service is paramount and customer led development is one of the key strengths of the company.

The systems are designed to work on any platform e.g. Ipads, tablets, smart phones etc. and the experience is optimised for the connecting device.

Always forward looking, solutions are already available for wearables and the latest devices.