With the need to protect your premises against crime there is no better deterrent than a CCTV system. There is a lot of choice and different types of system available nowadays but it is vital to have a high quality system that will provide clear information to aid the police in the unfortunate event of crime being committed to your property and goods.


At RADD Telecoms we are able to provide quality, cost effective CCTV systems that will make you feel safe, secure and in control.


Our trained Technicians will be able to assist in the survey, design and installation of anything from a single camera solution to a complex IP CCTV installation, offering advice on exactly the right combination of CCTV video cameras, DVR recording equipment & lighting.


Blown Fibre

Blown Fibre networks have a variety of benefits over traditional cabling systems and we at RADD Telecoms have expertise gained from hundreds of blown fibre installations.

Installing ducting either single or multiple and then blowing in the fibre optic cores offers clients a number of options:

  • The fibre type being blown can be decided when it is required enabling the latest specification of fibre to be used.
  • Works can be phased and the fibre blown only as and when it is required.
  • No further disruption to the client’s premises once the ducting is installed, enabling carpets to be laid and ceilings re-instated.

As a Brand Rex Blolite Accredited Company we have the equipment required to blow fibres using the Brand Rex range of blown fibre products.

In order to offer our Customers flexibility in the product they choose, we have also invested in ccredited engineers in the Prysmian and Emtelle blown fibre systems.

When it comes to Fibre Optic Networks RADD Telecoms are the company to call.


Access Control

Traditionally Access Control systems are installed for the added level of security they offer. Systems can offer restricted access to areas/buildings due to personnel status, times etc


There are many other uses for Access Control Systems, such as Timesheet logs, Access logging, Car Parking Restrictions and links to Printers, Photocopiers and Vending Machines.


For many users, however, one of the biggest benefits of installing a modern access control system is that it greatly reduces their energy bills and, therefore, their carbon emissions. By exchanging data with a Building Management System it is possible to control the heating and lighting.


RADD Telecoms have trained engineers in the market leading ‘Paxton ‘ range of access control products and also the competitively priced ‘Axxess’ range.


We offer advice, design, installation and configuration of an Access Control System that is within budget and meets our client’s requirements.


WIFI Installation

Wireless networks inherently offer more flexibility than a traditional network. You are not locked into a fixed network topology or system setup, leaving open the possibility for additions, upgrades, extensions, and so on.


Whether you require a single access point, integration into an existing network or a complete WIFI network our trained WIFI engineers will be able to advise on the suitability of your requirement.


Using only the leading brands of Wireless equipment we pride ourselves on installing reliable and secure Wireless points, all configured by our own in-house engineers.


With free surveys performed by RADD Telecoms we will be able to advice on the feasibity of WIFI points and the performance that can be expected, prior to any installation commencing.


Cabling Services

As a leading installer of Structured Cabling Solutions, we offer the full spectrum of Fibre Optic, Voice and Data Networks. Our Cabling Services include:


  • Fibre Optic Termination, Splicing and Testing.
  • CAT5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, UTP/FTP/STP
  • Design
  • Civil Works
  • Project Management
  • Fault Finding and Remedial works
  • Service & Maintenance Contracts

 We have an experienced team of Designers, Project Managers, Supervisors and substantial team of Installation Engineers with many years in the IT and Communications industries.


We have a full inventory of equipment including, the latest Fusion splicers and state-of-the-art test equipment such as OTDR¹s (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) and Fluke DTX Testers (we are a Fluke Accredited Gold Partner).


Our standards are very high and combined with speed and quality ensure that each installation is completed on time, on budget, professionally and meeting the customer¹s expectations.


Pre-Termination Factory

In an age where time is money many clients are now opting for pre-terminated cabling solutions, offering much quicker installation time’s than traditional methods and therefore less time on site resulting in less costs for management and related services. In addition to the site time reduction we see the benefits of pre-termination as:

  • Much more efficient installations
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment improves quality
  • No site storage requirement
  • When multi site installation continuity is important
  • Less wasted of cable due to our unique software for calculating loom lengths and cable usage.

RADD Telecoms have there own in-house Pre-Termination facility for both Fibre Optic and Copper cable assemblies. Our staff have many years of experience in pre-terminated cable assemblies and this has enabled us to develop a state of the art pre-termination factory at our Head Office in Cambridgeshire.

Cable lengths can be calculated from drawings using our bespoke software which will minimize cable wasted. Our Automated machines are used to create the cable looms to a faultless level of accuracy. The common types of pre-termination we offer are:

Copper Looms – Single and Double Ended – GOP Outlets

Copper Looms – Patch Panel to Patch Panel

Copper Looms - Switch Cables – RJ45 to Patch Panel

Fibre Optic – Patch Leads – All fibre types and connectivity

Fibre Optic – 4 to 24 Core Double Ended within Opal Pulling Sock

Fibre Optic – Panel to Fan Out Kit

* All of our pre-terminated offerings come fully tested.

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